Decorating & Property Improvement

​​Our Promise

  + Provide fully outlined estimates for the job or project that are clear and concise with detailed pricing/costs

  + We will keep you informed on how the work is progressing and time frames for completion

  + Work will be completed to a high standard and to customers 100% satisfaction

Our Services

We provide a comprehensive range of professional painting, decorating and property 

improvement services, from the finishing touches to refurbishment projects across London and the South East. Below details information on the services we provide;  how we carry out the work; and the products we use.

+ Painting and decorating

  • Interior - walls, ceilings and woodwork
  • Exterior - fascia, soffit, masonry, brick, pebble dash, tiles, guttering, fencing and wrought iron

+ Wallpaper removal and hanging

  • Vinyl, embossed and lining paper

+ Architrave

  • Coving, picture rail, dado rail, skirting and mouldings

+ Fixtures & Fittings

  • Doors, door furniture, radiator covers, curtain rails and mirrors

+ Flooring

  • Sanding and varnishing, tiling, vinyl and laminates 

+ Insulation

  • Loft, walls and floor roll and board insulation

Preparation, Painting, Paints and Wallcoverings

+ We believe the detail is in the preparation and great care is always taken to protect floors, furniture and other surfaces.  Some of the preparation methods we practice are:  

Walls and Ceilings

+ Cracks and holes are opened, filled, sanded and sealed for a smooth finish.

+ Rough surfaces are sanded before applying first coat.

+ Water stains treated prior to painting.


+ Both interior and exterior woodwork is scraped back and holes and cracks are filled with a hard and durable wood filler, then sanded back for a smooth finish.

Exterior work 

+ Repair worn or damaged masonry, typically window frames and sills, with the appropriate sand and cement or appropriate external filler, prior to sanding and before appropriate specialist exterior paint is applied.

+ Following thorough preparation when painting a wall or ceiling we cut in the paint with a quality brush then hand roll close to the cut with a hand roller using the correct pile. 

+ Depending on the size of the job the main part of the wall or ceiling is rolled with appropriate large roller. This provides a consistent finish close to the cut over a large area. 

+ Hand painted cutting is straightened twice for a precise finish.  

+ Where necessary clear polypthene, dust sheets and masking tape is used to protect all surfaces.  



+ Brands: The brands we generally use are high quality Dulux and Crown including the their trade product ranges that offer a greater opacity which we believe provides a quality finish. We also use other quality brands including Farrow & Ball and Little Green. We can source other trade brands such as Wickes and Leyland.

+ For normal walls standard coloured emulsions usually provide a very good finish.  For white ceilings we would recommend Dulux trade vinyl matt pure brilliant white as we believe this provides the very best professional finish. For bathrooms and kitchens we would generally suggest using the more durable and washable paints.

+ When preparing woodwork we use an appropriate primmer and/or undercoat. Top coat in gloss, satin and eggshell, again we would recommend a Dulux trade product.
+ We also use other specialist paints for other areas including masonry paint such as Sandtex and Weathershield, exterior gloss, and Ronseal floor paint, varnishes and oils, floor varnishing.

+ We have experience using vinyl, embossed and lining paper for feature walls and whole room wallpapering providing a precise finish to your property.